PHOENIX RISING came together in 2016 in the most unlikely of places: a Craigslist ad posted by Vocalist Kent Summerour in search of like-minded musicians who not only wanted to make music with substance, but who wanted to create a live spectacle like nothing else in the local music scene.


 After a short search and a lot of luck, the ad was answered by five seasoned musicians one of whom was Australian. Comprised of a second vocalist, guitar, synth and a whole lot of rhythm, PHOENIX RISING was born,


 Like setting fire to gas, the newly formed group had written an album's worth of material in one month, and the search for producers began. This search led PHOENIX RISING to Tyler Smyth; however Smyth was on tour six hours away in San Antonio  . With no way to get in touch with Smyth, Kent went down to San Antonio with a pillow and a sleeping bag, on a mission to maneuver himself back stage, and persuade Smyth to listen to the demos, hoping that after hearing the music, Smyth would be driven to work with the band. Mission Complete, Smyth agreed to work with PHOENIX RISING in LA and shortly thereafter, the band flew out to record their debut album "From the Ashes".


 With the Album complete, supported by several Music Video's - PHOENIX RISING now look forward to drawing emotion from the listener and inspire fans with their powerful stage show.




Kent Summerour - Vocals
Scott Lathwood - Vocals 
Lee Deane - Guitar 
Mark Ridlen - Synth 
Allan Kurt - Bass 
James Espinoza - Drums

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